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Employer - this applies to you

As an employer in a private company with a collective agreement, you need to sign up for collectively agreed occupational pension and insurance for your employees. You have to administer the insurances on an ongoing basis and when things happen in the lives of your employees.

We help you with information and when you have questions

It is Svenskt Näringsliv, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise together with LO, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and Svenskt Näringsliv together with PTK, the council for negotiation and cooperation that negotiated the collective agreements which state that employees must have a pension and a number of insurances through their job. This means security for both you as an employer and your employees. We at Avtalat are here to inform both you and your employees.

The pension your employees receive through work functions as an insurance package. It consists of an occupational pension and several insurances that provide extra protection when things happen during working life. Which pension and insurance solution you should sign up for depends on whether your employees are white collar workers or blue collar workers.

Practical information and checklists

Here on our website you will find everything you need to know about occupational pension and insurance. For example:

  • You can read about how to getting started with the insurances
  • Our simple checklists will help you with how to administer your employees' occupational pension and insurance. Among other things, you must report your employees' salaries and keep track of when things happen that affect the insurances.

Learn more about pension and insurance

  • Watch a webinar
  • Do you want in-depth information? You are welcome to download our handbook.

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