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If you become a parent

When you are on parental leave, you can receive extra money in addition to the parental benefit from Försäkringskassan, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Apply to have the opportunity to receive extra money

You can receive compensation through an insurance called Föräldrapenningtillägg (FPT), which is a supplement to parental benefit. This insurance, together with the parental benefit, means that you can receive almost 90 % of your salary when you are on parental leave.

You have to apply for FPT from Afa Försäkring, a Swedish insurance company.

Important information about Föräldrapenningtillägg (FPT)

  • The insurance applies for children who are born or adopted as from 1 January 2014.
  • FPT can be paid out at most until your child reaches the age of 18 months, or for 18 months following their adoption.
  • The number of days you can receive compensation depends on how long you have been working at a company that has collectively agreed insurance at the time when the child was born or adopted.
  • You can add up time from employment in different jobs you have had over the past four years, provided these workplaces have had collectively agreed insurance incorporating FPT.
  • You can receive compensation for a continuous period of parental leave. Remember to apply for compensation for the longest period if you are planning to divide up your parental leave.

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