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Sign up for insurance and pension

Have you become a member of an employers’ association or entered into a local collective agreement with a trade union? If so, you have to sign up for occupational pension and insurance for your employees. The collective agreement offers security and good benefits for everyone at the company.


Proceed as follows when signing up for occupational pension and insurance agreement

When you are going to sign up for occupational pension and insurance agreement for your employees, there are a few things you need to check. For example, blue collar workers have to be registered with Fora and white collar workers with both Collectum and Fora. Follow our checklists to ensure everything is in order!

A benefit at the very best time

The collective agreement includes a great many benefits that provide you and your employees with security, both now and in the future. The insurance policies you sign up for according to the collective agreement ensure that your employees are covered during life’s ups and downs. The occupational pension contributions you make provide them with a better life when it’s time to step out of the workforce. In other words, you couldn’t offer them a better benefit.

Things are good for your employees, and let them know!

Many have a poor understanding of what it means to work at a company that has a collective agreement, and how they should use the insurances they are actually covered by. Let your employees know about avtalat.se, so that they can find everything they need to know.

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