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Plan for your retirement

There are a few things to keep in mind depending on when you choose to retire. There is no fixed retirement age, but there are age limits for when you can withdraw your national public pension and your occupational pension. It is important to bear in mind that the longer you work, the more you will receive in pension per month for the rest of your life.

An overview

When you have worked for a company with a collective agreement you will receive a pension from different sources - national public pension and occupational pension.

You can choose when you want to begin to receive your pension. For ITP occupational pension, pension benefits can be received at earliest at 55. You can choose to have your occupational pension paid for life or over a shorter period. National public pension benefits can be received, at earliest, at 63.

After a long working life, you may have other pension benefits than your ITP occupational pension. At minPension you can see an overview of all your benefits.

  ITP occupational pension National public pension
Do you earn more pension benefits if you continue to work after the normal retirement age? Yes, if you and your employer agree on this. Yes
Can you receive pension and continue to work at the same time? Yes Yes
How long can you wait to begin to receive pension benefits? You make this decision. You will receive information as to how you delay the payment of pension benefits from your pension company. You make this decision, but if you have supplementary pension benefits, special regulations apply.
Do you want to receive further information? Contact the pension company managing your ITP or ITPK. Contact Pensionsmyndigheten, the Swedish Pensions Agency.


Choose the time to retire

Some things that are important to know depending on when you choose to retire.

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