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When you have a new employee

When a person starts working for you, you need to report the new employee to the company with which you have taken out collectively agreed occupational pension and insurance. Blue collar workers must be reported to Fora and white collar workers to Collectum and Fora.


Proceed as follows when you have employed new personnel

When the company employs a new employee, you as the employer must attend to a few things in relation to collectively agreed occupational pension and insurance. Make things easy for yourself and follow our checklists.

Advise your new employee about avtalat.se!

At avtalat.se your employees get all the information they need about about what insurances they receive through their work, as well as what choices they can make regarding their occupational pension.
Feel free to raise the issue of the occupational pension and the insurances as early as the employment interview. Pensions and insurance through work are a valuable and secure benefit.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Avtalat if you have any questions or would like help! We are here for you.

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